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Types of Security Gates for Business and Public Areas

When you need a gate for your business premises, public areas or your home, you should get custom gate from a gate installation company. The following are a variety of security gates for business and public areas that will suit your needs.

A bi-folding gate is made of two gates, whereby each gate has two panels that are joined by hinges to allow you to fold either side when opening the gate and the two gates meet at the center when the bi-folding gate is closed. Most of the industrial areas use this gate because it is easy to open and it saves time since a considerable number of cars should be allowed in and out of the property.

Where there are high numbers of pedestrians like stadiums and other public places, they can be controlled using a pedestrian security gate. One person at a time can enter a property that has a pedestrian swing gate for it opens up and extends outward in a specific direction. A turnstile is installed alongside a pedestrian swing gate to create a pedestrian portal. A turnstile enables more people to pass through it; therefore, it is suitable for places that have a high volume of traffic pedestrians, unlike pedestrian swing gate that enables only one person to pass through it at a time. Only special access are allowed to pass through the pedestrian swing gate.

The easiest way to deal with annoying drivers of big cars like trucks who drive in front of your building or on pedestrian areas is to install toast in a row and they are called bollards. Your customers can comfortably get in and out of your store because posts of bollards leave enough space between them for people to pass. Small cars, carts, large animals, bicycles and motorbikes are some of the things that bollards can allow to prevent to pass as you wish because the spaces in between the posts can be adjusted to meet your needs. Know more info about gate openers service.

A barrier arm or crash beam is basically a vertical arm adjoined to a control post that pivots upwards are 90 degrees to clear the way for cars to pass. This is not a type of gate that you install to control human beings who get in and go out of the property because people can jump over, squeeze around the barrier arm or crawl under it hence it is only efficient for controlling cars. A crash beam has high resistance to impact. People inside the car itself will suffer severe injuries and damages respectively if the car crashes against a barrier. If you need a barrier arm to control traffic, you should install a specific barrier for this purpose, which is called a traffic control barrier. It is lighter and breaks away upon exposure to impact.

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